How Do I Drive For The Post Office?

How many years does it take to have a clean driving record?

It’s usually around three to five years.

Something like a speeding ticket stays on a driving record for three years.

But something serious, like a DUI, can stay on your record for a decade.

It all depends on your state’s laws..

How long does the USPS background check take?

About 3 weeksAbout 3 weeks for the background check and fingerprinting to clear. If you know your past is good and you’ve done everything correctly, just try and trust in the process.

Do you have to have a clean driving record to work for USPS?

They must also have a clean driving record. According to the USPS Employment and Placement Handbook, any conviction for reckless driving or driving under the influence within three years of the time of application will disqualify an applicant.

What is the best job at the post office?

“Rural Carrier is the best job in the post office” – Postal Employees – Federal Soup.

Does USPS check employment history?

Legally speaking they can only verify you were employed at what dates and if you’re eligible for rehire (in most states). Not to say the person they contact knows you and can possibly shed light on a negative action. Niether the previous or past employer would ever say they spoke about it.

Do you need a CDL to drive for USPS?

If You Drive for the Postal Service, You Must Have a State Driver’s License. … If you operate a motor vehicle that requires a commercial driver’s license, then you must have in your possession a commercial driver’s license and a valid state driver’s license while driving on the job.

What is considered a bad driving record?

A bad driving record is a driving record that includes one or more moving violations, driver’s license points, accidents, or serious charges such as DUI or hit-and-run. … They’ll also stay on your driving record for much longer than minor violations.

What does the Post Office background check consist of?

The Postal Service™ individually evaluates each candidate’s employment history, paying close attention to a candidate’s reasons given for leaving a job, being fired from a job, or for quitting in lieu of being fired.

Does USPS do a credit check for employment?

Yes. Criminal and credit history is a part of their background check.

What disqualifies you from working for USPS?

However, a negative decision in any of the eligibility factors — age, Selective Service System registration, driving record, qualifying test, driver’s license review, drug screening, or English competence — disqualifies an applicant from proceeding in the hiring process.

Can you get a post office job with a misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor conviction does not disqualify you for a job at the post office, but it is one of the factors the United States Postal Service considers when assessing a candidate for hire. The USPS recognizes that people who have committed crimes can become productive, reliable employees.

Is it hard to drive a mail truck?

“These are not the easiest vehicles to drive. They’re right-hand drive, they’re wedge-shaped in front and they’re square in the rear,” says Ruby Barnett, Underwood’s driving instructor. “It takes a while to get used to the vehicle, and backing it up can be especially difficult. There are no windows.

What is starting pay at USPS?

The average starting pay for an entry-level postal employee is $21 an hour with benefits. This is extremely competitive in the marketplace.

Will the post office hire you with a speeding ticket?

Inform applicants who have pending traffic violations or citations that they are ineligible for consideration for a driving job until the charges are resolved.

How do I become a USPS driver?

A driver must be at least 18 years old and have 2 years’ driving experience. Applicant lacks adequate driving experience over the type of terrain and weather to be experienced on the route. Applicant is not 18 years old and does not have 2 years driving experience.