Is Brent From Shinedown Married?

What song made shinedown famous?

Second Chance.


Peaked at #1 on 12.26.2008.Shinedown.

Peaked at #3 on 4.30.2004.Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) Shinedown.

Peaked at #1 on 3.11.2011.Save Me.


Peaked at #1 on 11.18.2005.Sound Of Madness.




If You Only Knew.


Burning Bright.

Shinedown.More items….

Who are Shinedown?

Shinedown is an American rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed by singer Brent Smith in 2001 after the dissolution of Dreve, his previous band. … Shinedown has sold more than ten million records worldwide, and has had the most number one singles on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts out of any band, with 16.

Has shinedown always had the same lead singer?

An American rock band, Shinedown hails from Jacksonville, Florida. The band was formed by lead vocalist Brent Smith in 2001. … Smith and Kerch are original members, as were Jasin Todd and Brad Stewart, although they’re no longer with the band.

Who is the original singer of Simple Man?

Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd song)”Simple Man”Song by Lynyrd SkynyrdLength5:57 (album version) 6:39 (live version)LabelSounds of the SouthSongwriter(s)Ronnie Van Zant Gary Rossington5 more rows

Is shinedown a religious band?

And while Smith and Myers knock back suggestions that Shinedown are a ‘Christian band’, their religious beliefs and the idea of family play a central role in what they do. Theirs isn’t a world of groupies and promiscuity. … These days, he’s based in California while his son lives in Florida (where the band were formed).

Who Covered simple man?

Chris StapletonChris Stapleton, aka everyone’s new favorite country musician, covered Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man with Kings of Leon this past week, and oh my goodness what a cover it was.

Why did Shinedown break up?

Smith fired both Brad Stewart and Jasin Todd from the band. Smith let Stewart go due to disagreements with the direction of the band, feeling that Stewart was no longer happy or committed to the band. Todd was fired due to major disagreements with Smith, and personal problems that were getting in the way of the band.

Who is Shinedown lead singer?

Brent SmithShinedown/Lead singersEarly in 2007, producer Rob Cavallo asked Shinedown frontman Brent Smith about his goals for the band’s new album. Smith didn’t hesitate.

Where do the members of Shinedown live?

JacksonvilleKerch still calls Jacksonville home. John Stephens and Jonathan Lipking Founded in Jacksonville, the band Shinedown consists of (from left) Zach Myers, Brent Smith, Eric Bass and Barry Kerch. Kerch still calls Jacksonville home.

How tall is Brent Smith of Shinedown?

1.78 mBrent Smith/Height

Why did shinedown not play simple man?

Shinedown talks about why they’ll never play the Lynyrd Skynyrd song Simple Man again. … We were doing that song long before he passed away, god rest his soul, but really that song came about because our old guitar player, Jasin, was married to [late Skynyrd vocalist] Ronnie [Van Zant]’s daughter.

How old is shinedown?

Shinedown is an American rock band from Jacksonville, Florida formed by singer Brent Smith in 2001 after the dissolution of his previous band. Smith, still under contract with record label Atlantic Records, recruited the band’s original lineup of Jasin Todd as guitarist, Brad Stewart on bass, and Barry Kerch on drums.

How much is Zach Myers worth?

Zach Myers net worth: Zach Myers is an American musician and singer who has a net worth of $5 million. Zach Myers was born in Memphis, Tennessee in November 1983. He is best known for being the lead singer and guitarist for the rock band The Fairwell.

Does shinedown swear?

Cursing is nothing new in rock n’ roll, but for Shinedown it is. … He doesn’t cuss just to cuss; he doesn’t want to put it in songs just to put it in songs. That’s why you haven’t heard it on Shinedown records. For some reason this time he had to get it out, so he did.”

Shinedown is the 71st most popular hard rock & metal music artist and the 72nd most famous. Shinedown is described by fans as: Awesome, Great lyrics, Exciting, Inspiring and Easy to listen to.

How much is Brent Smith worth?

Brent Smith net worth: Brent Smith is an American singer, songwriter, and musician who has a net worth of $6 million. Brent Smith was born in Knoxville, Tennessee in January 1978.

How old is Brent Smith from Shinedown?

42 years (January 10, 1978)Brent Smith/Age

What happened to shinedown original guitarist?

Guitarist Jasin Todd and Brad Stewart were fired from the band. … They are overproduced and are complete departures from what the band started as. When Shinedown first came out they had a southern rock meets grunge rock thing going that made them stand out.