Is It Safe To Say Meaning?

How do you say I’m safe?

i am safe / synonymsam i safe.

phr.i was safe.

phr.i am sure.

phr.i am certain.

phr.i am confident.

phr.i am convinced.

phr.i have no doubt.

phr.i will be safe.

phr.More items….

How do you say safe in English?

be safe / synonymsbe certain.make assured.stay it safe.More items…

Is fair to say?

You use fair in expressions such as It would be fair to say in order to introduce a statement which you believe to be true and reasonable. It would be fair to say he had one or two unhappy moments out there.

What is another word for Safe?

What is another word for safe?secureshieldedout of harm’s wayprotected from dangerprotected from harmsafe and soundhome freeconfidentrelaxedimpregnable15 more rows

Is it fair to say meaning?

: reasonable and not expected to cause argument The key concept in this book, I think it is fair to say, is freedom. She’s not entirely to blame, but it’s (only) fair to say that she handled the situation badly.

What does safe mean?

secure from liability to harmadjective, saf·er, saf·est. secure from liability to harm, injury, danger, or risk: a safe place. free from hurt, injury, danger, or risk: to arrive safe and sound. involving little or no risk of mishap, error, etc.: a safe estimate.

What does safe mean in UK slang?

safe adjective (GOOD) UK slang. used to say that you like and approve of someone or something: He was a safe guy.

Is it safe to assume meaning?

If it is safe to say or assume something, you can say it with very little risk of being wrong. It is safe to say that some students make no effort to do quality work in school.

What are the two meanings of fair?

Adjective. fair, just, equitable, impartial, unbiased, dispassionate, objective mean free from favor toward either or any side. fair implies a proper balance of conflicting interests. a fair decision just implies an exact following of a standard of what is right and proper.

Are you home safe sound?

The phrase “safe and sound” is usually used when we talk about the end of a trip: e.g., We arrived home safe and sound. … In the phrase “safe and sound” sound is an adjective and it means: “healthy, in good condition, free from injury, no damage, no accidents.” The adjective ‘sound’ also has other similar uses: 1.

How do you use not to say?

You can use not to say when adding a stronger or more extreme description than the one you have just used. Previous presidents would have been embarrassed, not to say insulted by such comparisons. Collins!

What’s another word for safe haven?

What is another word for safe haven?asylumhavenhideoutprotectionrefugesanctuaryretreatshelterharbourUKharborUS117 more rows

What is the opposite word of safe?

safe(a) Antonyms: unsafe, endangered, insecure.

What is the meaning of fair one?

a handsome woman; a beauty, See also: Fair.

Is Stay safe a sentence?

Examples of stay safe in a Sentence You have to be smart about a lot of things, having contact with a local is the best way to stay safe. Kate Beatty: I would say to my dad,’ Have a safe trip coming back home. I love you.

What to say what not to say?

7 Things to Avoid Saying“I can’t…” “Can’t” is a debilitating word that puts up a barrier between you and your goals—it’s like you’ve almost failed before you’ve begun. … “I’ll try” … “I wish I didn’t have to…” … “I should…” … “I need…” … Pessimistic greetings like “Not bad” or “could be worse.” … “Never.”

How do you use Needless to say?

You use needless to say when you want to emphasize that what you are about to say is obvious and to be expected in the circumstances. Our budgie got out of its cage. Needless to say, the cat caught it.

What not to say meaning?

—used to introduce a more forceful or critical way of describing someone or somethingHe was impolite, not to say downright rude!