Question: What Are The Types Of Macros?

What is macro in C explain with example?

A macro is a fragment of code which has been given a name.

Object-like macros resemble data objects when used, function-like macros resemble function calls.

You may define any valid identifier as a macro, even if it is a C keyword.

The preprocessor does not know anything about keywords..

How do you define macros?

Macros: Macros are a piece of code in a program which is given some name. Whenever this name is encountered by the compiler the compiler replaces the name with the actual piece of code. The ‘#define’ directive is used to define a macro.

What is the other name of macro?

What is another word for macro?macronutrientnutrientalimentproteincarbohydratefathealth foodfuel sourcefuel moleculediet5 more rows

What is macro and its uses?

A macro is an automated input sequence that imitates keystrokes or mouse actions. A macro is typically used to replace a repetitive series of keyboard and mouse actions and used often in spreadsheets and word processing applications like MS Excel and MS Word.

What is macro short for?

A macro (short for “macroinstruction”, from Greek combining form μακρο- ‘long, large’) in computer science is a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input should be mapped to a replacement output. Applying a macro to an input is macro expansion.

What is a macro function?

Macro Definition. The function macro-function determines whether a given symbol is the name of a macro. The defmacro construct provides a convenient way to define new macros.

What you can pass to a macro function when you call it?

Explanation: You can pass to a macro function when you call it an argument in a C function .

How many types of macros are there?

two typesExplanation: There are two types of macros. They are object-like and function-like.

What is the best definition of a macro?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : being large, thick, or exceptionally prominent. 2a : of, involving, or intended for use with relatively large quantities or on a large scale. b : of or relating to macroeconomics.

What is a macro view?

The main difference between a macro perspective and a micro perspective is that in a macro view you are always stepping back for a big-picture view. … Put simply, a macro perspective tells you where your business is at any given time, and a micro perspective tells you why your business is in that position.

Is #include a macro?

9 Answers. So like the others say, no, you can’t have #include statements inside a macro, since the preprocessor only does one pass. … It doesn’t behave exactly like a macro would, but it can achieve some pretty macro-like results, since #include basically just dumps the contents of one file into another.

What is macro list the types of macros?

There are two types of macros: Object-like Macros….C Predefined Macros.No.MacroDescription1_DATE_represents current date in “MMM DD YYYY” format.2_TIME_represents current time in “HH:MM:SS” format.3_FILE_represents current file name.4_LINE_represents current line number.1 more row