Question: What Happens To Okumura?

Who killed Futaba’s mom?

Two years prior to the game, on August 21, Wakaba supposedly killed herself by throwing herself into traffic in a fit of maternal psychosis.

In reality, she suffered a mental shutdown caused by Goro Akechi..

Did akechi kill Okumura?

After their target’s defeat, Akechi takes the chance to assassinate his Shadow Self before his Palace collapses, subsequently causing the real Okumura to suffer a mental shutdown and die. This leads to the public believing the Phantom Thieves to be behind his death.

How do you beat Okumura in p5r?

Take the following steps before heading into the fight:Put Haru in your party – her psi attacks are crucial in the latter part of the battle and at normal party levels the boss is virtually impossible without her.I’d suggest Morgana for one of your other members as his wind attacks are also very useful.More items…•

What is cognitive Haru weak to?

4) Let cognitive Haru blow herself up She steps forward right after you’ve beaten the big black robot, and as far as I can tell, she doesn’t have any weaknesses. … When Okumura gives the order for Haru to self destruct, make sure that you guard.

Who killed Okumura?

ShidoAfter the Phantom Thieves change his heart, Shido publicly confesses to being the one responsible for Okumura’s murder following his landslide victory.

Does Okumura die?

The way Okumura dies though implies that you kill the shadow, some time passes and then they have a mental shutdown, but they couldn’t plan anything ahead with this. The timing of all deaths are impeccable.

What does Okumura mean?

secluded villageJapanese: ‘secluded village’; mostly found in the Nagoya region and the island of Okinawa.

How do you beat Haru’s fiance?

Haru’s Fiancé is weak to Psychic attacks, and those are Haru’s speciality. The two minions (called Corporobo MDL-WKR), though, will resist Psychic and Curse. However, they are weak to Fire skills, so bring Ann into this fight.

How do I beat Okumura Royal?

Defeating him is relatively easy as long as you have the right party. For this section of The Barracks, we recommend taking Makoto, Ann, and Morgana. The red robot will also have little blue bots with him. Use wind or fire on them (Morgana or Ann) to take them down quickly.

Is akechi a trickster?

It’s at this point that you realize Akechi is also a trickster, although not the same kind as Joker. Akechi is the foolish trickster too obsessed with selfish gain to ever truly master his powers.

How did Okumura die?

They shouldn’t have shown us Akechi shooting Shadow Okumura dead. … When you fight Akechi in Shido’s Palace there should just be a scene where Haru asks him if he had anything to do with her father’s death. Have Akechi taunt her, then cut to him killing Shadow Okumura as soon as they left his Palace.

Does akechi kill Joker?

Akechi didn’t shoot Joker, he shot cognitive joker born from the mind of Sae inside her palace. … The breakdown happens when a person’s shadow is killed, as with Okumura, but what Akechi shot wasn’t Joker’s shadow which would have been made by him, but Sae’s cognition of him, which was created by her.

What is Haru’s persona?

Haru Okumura is a playable character from Persona 5. She is a wealthy girl who attends Shujin Academy, and lives a double life as a Phantom Thief. She is the only daughter of Kunikazu Okumura, the Thieves’ fifth major target.

What are may Blues?

Q4: What are the May Blues? Answer: Malaise.

Why is Okumura easier on merciless?

Yeah, he’s much harder to beat on Hard because you’re in that inconvenient place where enemies are tougher but you don’t get the damage bonus for hitting weaknesses, and the whole fight is about that. Merciless makes it much easier as you get massive damage for hitting weaknesses.

Will seeds Persona 5 Royal Okumura?

Persona 5 Royal’s dungeons are largely the same as they were in Persona 5 — despite the occasional use of the new grappling hook. … Each Persona 5 Royal palace now has three Will Seeds hidden inside. Picking up all of them will net you a sweet new item, which Jose can later upgrade for free in Mementos.

Is Goro akechi evil?

His true nature as a villain was not revealed until the climax of the game, although there are certain foreshadowing in his true nature after his debut in the story.

Is akechi in love with Joker?

Joker’s True Feelings For Akechi Firstly, Joker is saying Akechi’s life isn’t trivial. But given the context of the proverb, it wouldn’t be out of line to suggest that Joker’s feelings for Akechi are more than just friendship. He loves him, and that love isn’t something to be taken lightly.