Question: What Is The Example Of Productivity?

What is an example of productive language?

“[T]he plural affix ‘s’ which is added onto the base form of nouns is productive because any new noun which is adopted into English will employ it, whereas the change from foot to feet is unproductive because it represents a fossilised plural form limited to a small set of nouns.”.

What is a productivity tool?

Office productivity tools are applications that allow for the viewing, creating and modifying of general office documents (e.g. spreadsheets, memos, presentations, letters, personal database, form generation, image editing, etc.).

Which productivity software is best?

The best productivity appsMicrosoft 365. The original and best office productivity suite. … Asana. Best collaboration app. … Bitrix24. A suite of powerful business tools. … TeamViewer. Free remote desktop app. … Trello. Covers everything from simple to-do lists to project management. … Pocket. … LastPass. … Buffer.More items…•

What are some examples of productivity software?

Productivity software is a tool such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Kid Pix, publisher, and many more….Productivity Software ListGoogle Apps for Business. … LibreOffice Productivity Suite. … OpenOffice. … Microsoft Office. … WordPerfect Office X5. … Zoho. … Quickoffice & OfficeSuite Pro5. … PlusOffice Free 3.0.More items…

Is an example of a productivity measure?

Often, a productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of an aggregate output to a single input or an aggregate input used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input, typically over a specific period of time. Most common example is the (aggregate) labour productivity measure, e.g., such as GDP per worker.

What is a sentence for productivity?

Examples of productivity in a Sentence The country has low agricultural productivity. The company is looking for ways to improve worker productivity. There has been an increase in productivity.