Question: Whats The Meaning Of Conscientious?

Is being conscientious a strength?

From one perspective, it’s definitely a strength.

Conscientiousness is associated with success in life and work.

You are more likely to implement your plans and do things well.

You can focus, get things done, and be trusted to keep your commitments..

What does reminisce mean?

verb (used without object), rem·i·nisced, rem·i·nisc·ing. to recall past experiences, events, etc.; indulge in reminiscence.

What’s the meaning of conscientious?

adjective. governed by conscience; controlled by or done according to one’s inner sense of what is right; principled: She’s a conscientious judge, who does not let personal prejudices influence her decisions. careful and painstaking; particular; meticulous; scrupulous: conscientious application to the work at hand.

How do you use conscientious?

Conscientious sentence examplesAlex was conscientious and he would never ask his employees to do anything he wouldn’t do. … She was conscientious with regard to her duties as examiner. … He was a hard and conscientious worker and became widely known for his ability in debate. … They have conscientious scruples to overcome.More items…

What is the Big Five trait of conscientiousness?

Conscientiousness is a fundamental personality trait—one of the Big Five—that reflects the tendency to be responsible, organized, hard-working, goal-directed, and to adhere to norms and rules.

Why is conscientiousness important in the workplace?

Conscientious people earn higher salaries and have greater job satisfaction; conscientiousness is also the most important factor for finding and retaining employment. … Conscientious people tend to be super-organised, great planners and responsible. They work hard in the face of challenges and can control their impulses.

What is an example of conscientious?

An example of conscientious is making a moral decision after lots of research and consideration. Conscientious is defined as acting in a way that is very thorough and careful. An example of conscientious is measuring the liquid in each test tube of an experiment to be perfectly equal.

How do you know if you are conscientious?

Traits of Highly Conscientious People Strong thoughtfulness and impulse control. Values organization and has an ability to plan ahead. Ample time is spent planning and preparing. Pays close attention to detail.

Why is conscientiousness bad?

In the worst case, decisions take longer, and the ability to improvise and prioritize is lost. Extreme conscientiousness can also expose you to rapid burnout. The connection between over-conscientiousness and poor success at work was discovered.

What does it mean to be a conscientious objector?

A conscientious objector is one who is opposed to serving in the armed forces and/or bearing arms on the grounds of moral or religious principles.

What does it mean to be morally conscientious?

noun. the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action: to follow the dictates of conscience. the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.

What does conscientious worker mean?

1 involving or taking great care; painstaking; diligent. 2 governed by or done according to conscience. ♦ conscientiously adv.

Is being conscientious a skill?

Effective decision-making: Those who are conscientious typically think through decisions before they act. They consider all the potential consequences of their actions and safeguard against any negative outcomes. This kind of critical thinking is a highly desirable soft skill among employers.

What are the 5 main personality traits?

The Big Five Personality TraitsThe Big Five personality traits are extraversion (also often spelled extroversion), agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.Each trait represents a continuum. … The Big Five remain relatively stable throughout most of one’s lifetime.More items…•

Is being conscientious a good thing?

When someone tests high in conscientiousness, they are likely very dependable and organized. They also tend to be able to control their impulses. In fact, multiple studies have shown that being conscientious can lead to better overall health and higher productivity.

Why is being conscientious important?

Other studies show that conscientiousness is the most important factor for finding and retaining employment. … Conscientious people tend to be super organized, responsible, and plan ahead. They work hard in the face of challenges and can control their impulses.

Is it bad to be conscientious?

Although conscientiousness is generally seen as a positive trait to possess, recent research has suggested that in some situations it may be harmful for well-being. In a prospective study of 9570 individuals over four years, highly conscientious people suffered more than twice as much if they became unemployed.