Question: Who Killed Zoro?

Who has Zoro killed?

Zoro killed at least 20 mermen and 60 bounty hunters on just two islands…

and he kills just about anyone he fights, always..

What episode did Zoro die?

“My Crewmate’s Pain is My Pain, Zoro Fights Prepared to Die” is the 377th episode of the One Piece anime.

How many times did Zoro lose?

9 Zoro Vs. In total, he challenged her 2001 times and lost every single battle. After her death, Zoro promised to become the best swordsman in the world and to keep the promise he made to her.

Does one piece make you cry?

So yes One Piece has made me cry! … I watched a lot of sad scenes that made people cry, i did feel sad but never cried even with merry’s or ace’s death and any other flashback we had in op like Brook’s or Robin’s for example.

What Happened to Zoro?

Originally Answered: What happened to Roronoa Zoro’s left eye ? Nothing has been revealed so far, both in manga and anime, regarding how Zoro got that scar over his left eye or why he keeps it closed or what powers he attains when he opens that eye.

Is one piece sadder or Naruto?

One Piece is slightly a bit more on the sad side as the pasts of One Piece characters are completely heart-wrenching. The total number of emotional moments in One Piece is much more as compared to Naruto too.

Does Luffy kiss anyone?

Luffy Kiss Boa Hancock 3D2Y Englishsub.

Can Luffy be stabbed?

Luffy can be hurt by bladed/sharp objects in the same way any other character of Luffy’s strength would, but he can tank hits from weaker opponents. It depends on the force too. Luffy won’t just be hurt just because he gets stabbed. Yes.

Does Luffy kill anyone?

Oda stated he never had and never will. Luffy had never killed any of his enemies… except only once, in a non-canon movie. To be fair, that villain was even worse than Gecko Moira, and nearly killed the whole Straw Hat crew.

How did Zoro’s friend died?

Zoro fought Kuina regularly but found that after 2000 fights, he could never beat her. Zoro challenged her into fighting with real swords, in which she used her family’s Meito Wado Ichimonji. … However, the day after making their vow, Zoro learned she had fallen down the stairs and died.

Does Zoro cry?

Yep. He cries, vowing he’ll never loose again, and affirms his support of luffy as the up-and-coming PK, in the process.

Will Zoro betray Luffy?

He will never fully betray Luffy. Zoro was willing to give up his life and dream for his crew at Thriller Bark, and put aside his pride as a swordsman to train with his rival Mihawk in order to get stronger. Zorro already betrayed Luffy, and even defeated Sanji in one of the One Piece movies.

Does Zoro beat Hawkeye?

Still Mihawk is stronger than zoro. Mihawk thought zoro how to use Haki so zoro is in basic level of Haki, Not as strong as Mihawk. … He used to fight with Red Haired Shanks, after shanks lost his arm he is not fighting with him may be because Mihawk is stronger than him .

Will Zoro open his eye?

Still, nothing has been revealed if Zoro has some special power in his eye due to which he’s keeping it closed. All thats been shown till now is that the scar has greatly injured his eye due to which he cannot open it.

Will Luffy kill Blackbeard?

Teach or Blackbeard is the major antagonist of the series. … The limits of Blackbeard’s power are a mystery, but it is undeniable that Luffy does not stand a chance against this Yonko who even, at one point, managed to scar Shanks. Luffy will have to train more to defeat Blackbeard and avenge his brother Ace.