Quick Answer: Is Akechi A Bad Guy?

Did Goro akechi die?

Is Goro Akechi Still Alive In Persona 5 Royal’s True Ending.

Eventually, it’s revealed that Maruki resurrected Akechi, who had, in fact, died during the infiltration of Shido’s palace, and that dismantling Maruki’s world would mean the demise of Akechi..

Does akechi hate joker?

The reason Akechi “hates” Joker is because he doesn’t know how to react to these new and unfamiliar feelings of love. In other words, Akechi might just be a tsundere. … It’s a love confession: Akechi’s life isn’t “trivial” to Joker because he loves him. End of story.

Did akechi killed Futaba’s mom?

Akechi did it, however Futaba is bitter not only because her mom was murdered, but because the entire forged suicide note was what really nearly costed her life, that caused the distortion of her mother that kept her thinking that she had to die in that tomb (Sojiro’s house). Akechi did it. He was Shido’s attack dog.

Who is Futaba’s father?

ShidoShido is Futaba’s father confirmeD – Persona 5.

Did akechi kill Joker?

Akechi didn’t shoot Joker, he shot cognitive joker born from the mind of Sae inside her palace. … The breakdown happens when a person’s shadow is killed, as with Okumura, but what Akechi shot wasn’t Joker’s shadow which would have been made by him, but Sae’s cognition of him, which was created by her.

Why is akechi hated?

The only real reason I can see Akechi being hated is the fact he tried to kill you and your friends and use it to push his own ego ( Which is understandable ) but Goro in my opinion has every right to be angry and want revenge and in all honest is the only character in the game who used their powers in a realistic way, …

Should I buy Persona 5 Royal if I own Persona 5?

Now, if you’re fine with Persona 5 as is, then it’s not necessary for you to buy P5R. But if you want a new enhanced version with new stuff, then I’d say give Persona 5 Royal a try.

Who is Joker’s girlfriend persona5?

Ann TakamakiAnn Takamaki (高巻 杏, Takamaki An, Anne in the Japanese version), using the Phantom Thief codename “Panther”, is a one-quarter-American girl in Joker’s class who recently returned to Japan. She speaks English fluently, and is a model.

Is Joker’s name Ren or Akira?

While the player can freely choose a real name for Joker, his Phantom Thief code name, he is named Ren Amamiya in Persona 5: the Animation and most other appearances, and Akira Kurusu in the game’s manga adaptation.

Is akechi stronger than Joker?

In a 1v1 situation at average conditions Akechi would likely win. But Joker’s strength in his various persona comes from his connections to others and at his best that strength allows him to summon a persona more powerful than any that Akechi has.

Does Shido know akechi is his son?

Additionally using the metaverse was the only reason Shido even bothered with him. He never found out that Akechi was his son as only his cognition of Akechi learned that.

Is akechi a good guy?

He’s a villain with no redeeming qualities. The Phantom Thieves all had raw deals, but they didn’t turn to evil. People like Akechi because he looks handsome, acts charming, and they fell for his act in the game. People don’t judge people by their actions, but their public persona.

Does akechi betray?

In the game, he is a third-year high school student and celebrity detective known as “The Second Coming of the Detective Prince.” He opposes the Phantom Thieves and becomes Joker’s rival throughout the game, but he later joins them during Sae’s Palace, using the code name “Crow.” Akechi later betrays the Phantom …

Who is the bad guy in Persona 5?

Masayoshi ShidoMasayoshi Shido is the central antagonist of Persona 5, and Joker’s archenemy. The seventh and final major target, Shido is the head of The Conspiracy, a powerful politician, and Goro Akechi’s father.

Who did akechi kill?

Wakaba IsshikiOne of the first people he killed is Wakaba Isshiki. After Akechi killed her, Shido seized her research and read a false suicide note to her daughter Futaba Isshiki out loud, ruining her life in an unnecessary act of evil.

Who killed Futaba’s mom?

Goro AkechiTwo years prior to the game, on August 21, Wakaba supposedly killed herself by throwing herself into traffic in a fit of maternal psychosis. In reality, she suffered a mental shutdown caused by Goro Akechi.

How tall is Goro?

5’1013 Goro Akechi (Age: 18, Height: 5’10, Birthday: June 2nd, 1998) Akechi is a detective prodigy, said to be the second coming of the Detective Prince from the previous game.

Does Futaba have autism?

While she is not explicitly autistic, social media websites like tumblr tend to interpret Futaba as having the condition. This is somewhat supported by the performance given by her English actress Erica Lindbeck, who has stated that she tried to portray Futaba as if she were on the spectrum.