Quick Answer: What Does Ghastly Mean?

Does indefinite mean permanent?

As adjectives the difference between permanent and indefinite.

is that permanent is without end, eternal while indefinite is without limit; forever, or until further notice; not definite..

What is an indefinite period of time?

If you describe a situation or period as indefinite, you mean that people have not decided when it will end. The trial was adjourned for an indefinite period. … at some indefinite time in the future.

What does the word ghastly?

1a : terrifyingly horrible to the senses : frightening a ghastly crime. b : intensely unpleasant, disagreeable, or objectionable such a life seems ghastly in its emptiness and sterility— Aldous Huxley. 2 : resembling a ghost. 3 obsolete : filled with fear.

What is the meaning of ghastly accident?

Ghastly means the accident was very serious or horrific. Saying that though a ghastly accident can also have ended in death (fatal). Fatal describes the end result while ghastly describes the manner of how the accident happened.

What does feverishly mean?

Feverishly is defined as something done in a rapid manner. When you work through the night, moving quickly to try to get a job done, this is an example of working feverishly. adverb.

Is indefinitely forever?

is that indefinitely is for a long time, no end defined while forever is (duration) for all time, for all eternity; for an infinite amount of time.

What does wary mean?

: marked by keen caution, cunning, and watchfulness especially in detecting and escaping danger. Other Words from wary Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym Example Sentences Learn More about wary.

Which word suits ghastly the best?

ghastlyappalling,atrocious,awful,dreadful,frightful,grisly,gruesome.(also grewsome),More items…

What grotesque means?

fanciful, bizarregrotesque • \groh-TESK\ • adjective. 1 : fanciful, bizarre 2 : absurdly incongruous 3 : departing markedly from the natural, the expected, or the typical.

What Does indefinitely mean?

(ɪndɛfɪnɪtli ) adverb [ADV with v] If a situation will continue indefinitely, it will continue forever or until someone decides to change it or end it. The visit has now been postponed indefinitely. Synonyms: endlessly, continually, for ever, ad infinitum More Synonyms of indefinitely.

What is the difference between fatal and ghastly accident?

Sorry! A fatal accident is one that involves the loss of a life or more. On the other hand, a ghastly accident is one that is also terrible and horrific but without the loss of any life.

How do you use ghastly in a sentence?

It was a ghastly business all round.Her hairdo and make – up look positively ghastly!The whole thing was a ghastly mistake.She woke up in the middle of a ghastly nightmare.Today’s newspaper gives all the ghastly details of the murder. … We had a ghastly holiday; it rained all the time.More items…•

What does macabre mean in English?

having death as a subject1 : having death as a subject : comprising or including a personalized representation of death The macabre dance included a procession of skeletons. 2 : dwelling on the gruesome a macabre presentation of a tragic story.

What do you mean by fatal accident?

n an accident that causes someone to die.