Quick Answer: What Is A Zona?

What is persuasiveness mean?

Persuasiveness definitions The capability of a person or argument to convince or persuade someone to accept a desired way of thinking..

Is Zona safe to use?

While Zona may seem like a panacea for people who want near-instant access to the world’s entertainment for free, no matter what content restrictions are in place where they live, its also abetting highly illegal copyright infringement on a grand scale.

What does Zona mean in Hebrew?

prostitute1. “Zona” means “prostitute” in Hebrew.

What is the definition of Zona?

Any area with a specific boundary. Zona, Latin for a girdle, is a synonym for shingles because it can appear to girdle part of the body.

Is Zona a word?

zona n. (sciences) A zone or band; a layer.

What language is Zona?

English Translation of “zona” | Collins Italian-English Dictionary.