Quick Answer: What Is Another Way To Say Expensive?

What is another word for expensive?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for expensive, like: costly, exorbitant, valuable, moderate, priceless, transactions, lavish, fancy, steep, worth a pretty penny and high-priced..

What is another way to say worth it?

What is another word for worth it?worthwhilegoodhelpfulprofitableusefulvaluableworthybeneficialconstructivegainful230 more rows

What is another word for prestigious?

SYNONYMS FOR prestigious 1 distinguished. 2 respected, illustrious, notable.

How do you say something cost too much?

So below are the phrases to talk about things that are high priced.That’s a bit steep – This phrase suggests that something is little more expensive. … That’s a bit pricey – … Cost an arm and leg – … To pay through the nose – … Exorbitant – … Daylight robbery – … Break the bank – … Pay top dollar-

How do you say expensive in a nice way?

Synonyms forcostly.extravagant.fancy.high.lavish.valuable.dear.excessive.

How do you say cheap in a nice way?

affordablebargain.budget.cheap.cost-effective.economical.fair.low-cost.modest.More items…

How do you say something is too expensive politely?

Originally Answered: How do you politely say “it’s too expensive”? Just say that its beyond your current budget, implying that you can afford it, but the item is not what you are looking for now. “I’m sorry, but that’s a little too steep for me. Do you have anything more economical?”

How do you describe your worth?

English Language Learners Definition of worth: an amount of something that has a specified value, that lasts for a specified length of time, etc.: the amount of money that something is worth.: usefulness or importance.

What’s another word for not worth it?

What is another word for not worth it?thanklessunprofitableineffectiveworthlesspointlessunproductiveidleunavailingsenselesspurposeless157 more rows

How do you use costly in a sentence?

Costly sentence examplesThe new constitution, however, proved costly and unworkable, and failed to satisfy either section of the population. … The quest was very costly and altogether fruitless.More items…