Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Captivated?

What is the opposite meaning of captivated?

beguiled, captivated, charmed, delighted, enthralled, entranced(adj) filled with wonder and delight.

Antonyms: disenchanted, unloving..

How do you captivate someone?

To captivate means to attract others, fascinating or enchanting them. Some people are able to captivate with wit and charm, others with physical beauty, still others with intelligence. Notice the similarity between the verbs captivate and capture.

Can a person be captivating?

When people are captivating, they’re often very intelligent, attractive, charming, or otherwise fascinating. Something that catches and holds your interest is captivating, like a captivating mystery novel you just can’t put down.

What is the opposite of existing?

What are the antonyms for EXISTING? past, kaput, lost, inactive, spiritless, destroyed, absent, exterminated, inert, departed, future, idle, inanimate, dull, deceased, lifeless, nonextant, dispirited, nonexistent.

What’s another word for captivated?

Some common synonyms of captivate are allure, attract, charm, enchant, and fascinate.

What does captivated by you mean?

Definition of ‘captivate’ If you are captivated by someone or something, you find them fascinating and attractive. I was captivated by her brilliant mind. Synonyms: charm, attract, fascinate, absorb More Synonyms of captivate.

Are you living or existing meaning?

Living is taking life as it comes, embracing it and doing as much as you can to feel fulfilled. Existing is a long survival. Living is choosing happiness, it’s choosing to live. Existing is you being here physically, but doing what you have to do to get through the day.

What is the opposite of usually?

Antonyms for usually uncommonly, exceptionally, unusually, rarely, never, sometimes, infrequently, seldom.

What does captivated mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal We were captivated by her beauty. The scenery captivated our attention. 2 archaic : seize, capture.

What is the best antonym for ubiquitous?

ubiquitous / antonymsrare.absent.scarce.sporadic.infrequent.unique.uncommon.terrific.More items…

What is a captivating smile?

captivating adjective: captivating capable of attracting and holding interest; charming. ” a captivating smile”; Google captivating. or, engaging adjective: charming and attractive. ”

What is another word for existing?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for existing, like: current, actual, extant, alive, real, surviving, living, contemporary, existent, new and now.

What is the best antonym for captivated?

Antonyms of CAPTIVATE chill, release, irk, annoy, refuse, deter, disillusion, bore, upset, drive away, offend, fail, disenchant, stop, tire, reject, weary, dissuade, free, damp, warn, disgust, pain, forget, liberate, lose, depress, displease, disappoint, repulse, turn off, revolt, repel, let go, disturb.

What does the word allure mean?

Verb. attract, allure, charm, captivate, fascinate, enchant mean to draw another by exerting a powerful influence. attract applies to any degree or kind of ability to exert influence over another. students attracted by the school’s locale allure implies an enticing by what is fair, pleasing, or seductive.

Is existing a word?

If something is existing, it’s real. When you make a list of existing mammals, you can’t include unicorns, because they don’t really exist. The verb exist, at the root of the adjective existing, comes from the Latin existere, “come into being,” from a combination of ex, “out,” and sistere, “take a stand.” …