Quick Answer: What Is The Sanskrit Word For Wisdom?

What is the Sanskrit word for creativity?

RachnatmakCreative is “Rachnatmak” in Sanskrit, as creation is “Rachna”..

What does Bodhi mean in Buddhism?

Bodhi, (Sanskrit and Pāli: “awakening,” “enlightenment”), in Buddhism, the final Enlightenment, which puts an end to the cycle of transmigration and leads to Nirvāṇa, or spiritual release; the experience is comparable to the Satori of Zen Buddhism in Japan.

What does Ananda mean in Sanskrit?

Ānanda, (Sanskrit: “joy,” or “bliss”), in Indian philosophy of the Upaniṣads and the school of Vedānta, an important attribute of the supreme being Brahman. …

What is happiness in Sanskrit?

Sukha (Sanskrit, Pali; Devanagari: सुख) means happiness, pleasure, ease, joy or bliss, in Sanskrit and Pali.

What are the synonyms for creative?

Synonyms forgifted.ingenious.innovative.inventive.original.productive.visionary.clever.

What is the Sanskrit word for peace?

ShantiShanti means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss.

What is the Sanskrit word for soul?

Ātman (/ˈɑːtmən/; Sanskrit: आत्मन्) is a Sanskrit word that means inner self, spirit, or soul. In Hindu philosophy, especially in the Vedanta school of Hinduism, Ātman is the first principle: the true self of an individual beyond identification with phenomena, the essence of an individual.

What is unique called in Sanskrit?

IPA: yunikSanskrit: यूनीक Transliterate.

What is the Sanskrit word for healing?

भिषज्यम् 1 Healing, curing. -2 A remedy, cure.

What is water called in Sanskrit?

Ap (áp-) is the Vedic Sanskrit term for “water”, which in Classical Sanskrit only occurs in the plural āpas (sometimes re-analysed as a thematic singular, āpa-), whence Hindi āp.

What is the Sanskrit word for knowledge?

What is knowledge called in SanskritEnglishSanskritTransliterationKnowledgeबोधःBodhaḥKnowledgeबोधनम्BodhanaṁKnowledgeप्रबोधःPrabodhaḥKnowledgeअवबोधःAvabodhaḥ20 more rows•Jan 6, 2017

What is the Sanskrit word for life?

nounlife assuranceजीवनरक्षाlifeboatरक्षाप्लवःlifelessnessस्थैर्यम्lifespanजीवनकालःlifestyleजीवनचर्या9 more rows

What is the Sanskrit word for bliss?

ĀnandaĀnanda (Sanskrit: आनन्द) literally means bliss or happiness.

What is the Sanskrit word for prosperity?

AISHWARYA ऐश्वर्य Sanskrit. Sanskrit word meaning “prosperity, wealth”.

What is the Sanskrit word for mindfulness?

Sati (from Pali: सति; Sanskrit: स्मृति smṛti) is mindfulness or awareness, a spiritual or psychological faculty (indriya) that forms an essential part of Buddhist practice.

What is the Sanskrit word for energy?

VīryaVīrya (Sanskrit; Pāli: viriya) is a Buddhist term commonly translated as “energy”, “diligence”, “enthusiasm”, or “effort”.

What is the Sanskrit word for dog?

ShvanShvan, a Sanskrit word meaning a dog, finds repeated references in Vedic and later Hindu mythologies, and such references include the following: The Apsara of Indra, a Vedic god, is named Sarama, and it is mentioned in the Rig Veda. Its offspring became the watch dog of Yama.

What is the Sanskrit word for beautiful?

More videos on YouTubeEnglishSanskrit Names of BeautyTransliterationBeautyआभाĀbhāBeautyअभिख्याAbhikhyāBeautyद्युतिःDyutiḥBeautyलूविःLūviḥ10 more rows