Quick Answer: What Type Of Word Is General?

Why is a general called a general?

The term general is used in two ways: as the generic title for all grades of general officer and as a specific rank.

It originates in the 16th century, as a shortening of captain general, which rank was taken from Middle French capitaine général..

What’s another name for general?

General Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for general?usualcustomaryprevailingregularconventionalordinarytypicalacceptedcommoneveryday223 more rows

What is the difference of general and specific?

Nouns of any kind (count or non-count, singular or plural) may be “specific” or “general.” A noun is specific when the writer wishes to talk about some thing or things in particular. A noun is general when the writer wishes to make a generalization about some thing or things.

What is the noun form of general?

general ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌singulargeneralpluralgenerals

What is a general example?

General is defined as something most common, usual, most used or vague. An example of general used as an adjective is a general election where voters can vote for anyone they choose. An example of general used as an adjective is someone speaking in a general way, a way that most people will understand.

What does general use mean?

: suitable to be used for two or more basic purposes.

What are general ideas?

General ideas usually express the main point or main idea of a piece of writing. They present the topic of a paragraph, essay, or book and make a statement about it, usually a claim that needs to be proven.

What does General History mean?

The principle of general history is outlined as: ‘a geographical way of looking at the world in which one sees only ‘spaces of dispersion’, spaces where things proliferate in a jumbled-up manner on the same ‘level’ as one another’ (Philo 2000, p. 207).

What is a general person?

any person acting as a leader and applying strategy or tactics. a general condition or principle: opposed to particular. a title for the head of a religious order, congregation, etc.

What is a general statement in writing?

A general statement is a sentence that defines or declares some large and overarching truth. A general statement does not describe one particular event in the world: On Tuesday young Charlie eagerly gave $20 to the elegant man with curling mustachios who said he’d make Charlie rich.

What is general word?

General Words are words that name a group or a category of a set of things, people, idea, and the likes. These terms are usually used when you want to discuss an idea as a whole. Examples of general words include: furniture, money, equipment, seasoning and shoes.

Is General a noun or adjective?

adjective. Save Word. gen·​er·​al | \ ˈjen-rəl , ˈje-nə- \

What type of word is mainly?

MAINLY (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does General mean in math?

: a mathematical expression composed of variables and constants that yields the successive terms of a sequence or series when integers are substituted for one of the variables often denoted by k.