Quick Answer: What’S Another Word For Face?

What is another word for in your face?

What is another word for in-your-face?assertiveaggressiveambitiouspushyfiercemilitantenterprisingdirectforthrightoutspoken161 more rows.

What is the synonym and antonym of face?

ˈfeɪs) The feelings expressed on a person’s face. Synonyms. aspect facial expression spark expression sparkle twinkle leer light countenance visage look. Antonyms. disapproval effector whisper shout close up.

What does throw it in my face mean?

throw (something) in (one’s) face 1. To exploit some information or evidence as a means of accosting or upbraiding one. The boss throws that awful presentation in my face anytime I ask for more responsibilities.

What is a word for rubbing something in someone’s face?

to rub in; rub something in someone’s face; emphatise mistakes. rub in verb (rubs in, rubbed in, rubbing in) rub something in someone’s face verb. emphatise mistakes verb.

What are synonyms for face?

other words for faceair.aspect.light.look.mask.surface.top.visage.

How do you describe a face?

7 Tips for Describing Faces in Your WritingUse figurative language when describing a character’s face. … Create facial expressions that reveal emotions. … Frame your character’s face with a hairstyle that reflects their story. … Make facial hair an element of a character’s style. … Realize that eyes are windows to the soul. … Describe your character’s skin.More items…•

What are the eight facial features?


How do you describe skin color?

Words used to describe skin color – thesaurusa high color. phrase. someone who has a high color has a pink or red face.albino. noun. … (as) white as a sheet. phrase. … bloodless. adjective. … bronzed. adjective. … brown. adjective. … color. noun. … colored. adjective.More items…

What is the medical term for face?

In medical contexts, a facies is a distinctive facial expression or appearance associated with a specific medical condition. The term comes from the Latin for “face”.

Is mug another word for face?

“Mug” predates old-time Movieland, though. It has been used as a noun to describe the face and as a verb of the word “grimace” since the 17th century. It most likely derives from “mugg,” a Scandinavian word for a drinking vessel. … Another theory is that “mug” comes from “mukha,” the Sanskit word for face.

How do you describe facial features in words?

Words used to describe someone’s face or features – thesaurusbaby-faced. adjective. a baby-faced adult has a round face like a young child’s.chiseled. an American spelling of chiselled.chiselled. adjective. … craggy. adjective. … dimpled. adjective. … fine. adjective. … fresh-faced. adjective. … full-face. adjective.More items…

What is the most important part of your face?

Now there’s one more reason to take extra time on those brows. A new study has proven that it’s not your eyes, nose or mouth that are the most important feature on your face. Your most recognisable defining feature is your brows.

What makes a face unique?

The amazing variety of human faces – far greater than that of most other animals – is the result of evolutionary pressure to make each of us unique and easily recognizable, according to a new study by University of California, Berkeley, scientists.

What is called face?

The front of the human head is called the face. It includes several distinct areas, of which the main features are: The forehead, comprising the skin beneath the hairline, bordered laterally by the temples and inferiorly by eyebrows and ears. The eyes, sitting in the orbit and protected by eyelids and eyelashes.

Does body include face?

Face /fe s/ ɪ – The front part of the head where the eyes, nose, and mouth are, or the expression on this part. … Neck /nek/ – The part of the body between your head and your shoulders.