Quick Answer: Which Is The Best Dictionary In The World?

Which is the best dictionary app in the world?

So, other than Google, here are some of the best dictionary apps available for Android on the Google Play store.Google Search — FREE.

Google Translate — FREE.

Dictionary.com — FREE.

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus — FREE.

Dictionary Linguee — FREE.

Merriam Webster Dictionary — FREE.More items….

Is Oxford Dictionary British or American?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is the principal historical dictionary of the English language, published by Oxford University Press (OUP)….Oxford English Dictionary.Seven of the twenty volumes of printed second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (1989)CountryUnited KingdomLanguageEnglish4 more rows

What is the longest word in the world?

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosisThe longest word in any of the major English language dictionaries is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, a word that refers to a lung disease contracted from the inhalation of very fine silica particles, specifically from a volcano; medically, it is the same as silicosis.

What is the most respected dictionary?

Dictionary by Merriam-Webster: America’s most-trusted online dictionary. SINCE 1828. THESAURUS.

What is the most comprehensive dictionary?

The Oxford English DictionaryThe Oxford English Dictionary is the most comprehensive dictionary of the English language. It traces the development of English from the earliest records , and formally from 1150 AD, up to the present day.

What is another word for good at?

What is another word for be good at?excelshinebe pre-eminentbe proficientbe successfulbe talentedbe unparalleledbe unrivalledbe very gooddo well128 more rows

What is a good dictionary to buy?

Best Sellers in English Dictionaries & Thesauruses#1. … Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary, Newest… … The Gen Z Dictionary. … Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th… … Dictionary of the Strange, Curious & Lovely. … Webster’s New Explorer Large Print Dictionary,… … Dictionary of Word Origins: The Histories of More…More items…

What is the most famous dictionary?

Full-sizeTitlePublisherMain dialectOxford English Dictionary (OED)Oxford University PressBritishRandom House Webster’sRandom HouseAmericanShorter Oxford English Dictionary (SOED)Oxford University PressBritishWebster’s Third New International Dictionary (W3)Merriam-WebsterAmerican7 more rows

What are 5 good synonyms?

goodadj.pleasant, fine.adj.moral, virtuous.adj.competent, skilled.adj.useful, adequate.adj.reliable; untainted.adj.kind, giving.adj.authentic, real.adj.well-behaved.More items…

What’s a big word for good?

What is another word for good?excellentexceptionalnicepleasantpositivesatisfactorysatisfyingsuperbwonderfulacceptable208 more rows

Which language has the most words?

Counting the Words in the DictionaryLanguageWords in the DictionaryEnglish171,476Russian150,000Spanish93,000Chinese85,5683 more rows•Mar 7, 2018

What does YEET mean?

of excitement, approval, surpriseYeet is an exclamation of excitement, approval, surprise, or all-around energy, often as issued when doing a dance move or throwing something.

What is a good dictionary?

A good dictionary must give example sentences for every word. Example sentences are English sentences which contain a word: —Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture, Second Edition. Example sentences are not just helpful — they are actually more important than definitions.

What dictionary does Google use?

The dictionary content is licensed from Oxford University Press’s OxfordDictionaries.com. It is available in different languages such as English, Spanish and French.

What is the first dictionary in the world?

Table AlphabeticallRobert Cawdrey’s Table Alphabeticall, published in 1604, was the first single-language English dictionary ever published. It lists approximately 3000 words, defining each one with a simple and brief description.