What Does A Dot Plot Look Like?

What does a dot plot show you?

Dot plots are used for continuous, quantitative, univariate data.

Data points may be labelled if there are few of them.

Dot plots are one of the simplest statistical plots, and are suitable for small to moderate sized data sets.

They are useful for highlighting clusters and gaps, as well as outliers..

How does a dot plot work?

A dot plot, also called a dot chart, is a type of simple histogram-like chart used in statistics for relatively small data sets where values fall into a number of discrete bins. To draw a dot plot, count the number of data points falling in each bin and draw a stack of dots that number high for each bin.

What is an example of a dot plot?

A dot plot is a graphical display of data using dots. A good example would be the choice of foods that you and your friends ate for snacks.

How do you analyze a dot plot?

ANALYZING DOT PLOTSDescribe the shape of the dot plot. Are the dots evenly distributed or grouped on one side ? … Describe the center of the dot plot. What single dot would best represent the data ? … Describe the spread of the dot plot. Are there any outliers ? … Calculate the mean, median, and range of the data in the dot plot.

How do you compare a dot plot?

Calculate the mean, median, and range of the data in the dot plot. data—7.12. A Compare two groups of numeric data using comparative dot plots or box plots by comparing their shapes, centers, and spreads. You can compare dot plots visually using various characteristics, such as center, spread, and shape.