What Is Rigid In Science?

What is a rigid material?

Rigid materials means a material or composition of materials which cannot be folded and can support its own weight when rested upon parallel edges of such materials..

What is a rigid thinker?

Rigid thinking means an inability to change your mind when all signs point to a change of mind. It also implies an inability to see a situation from a different point of view. … Their thinking is so rigid that anything that doesn’t meet their expectations gives them anxiety.

How do I stop being rigid?

Try these 10 ways to increase your flexibility:Observe your rigid behaviors. Spend a few days actively taking note of your routines and rules. … Try new things. Try a new food, sport, type of movie, deodorant, anything! … Embrace opportunities. … Be in the moment. … Mix it up. … Go with the flow. … Compromise. … Let it go.More items…•

How do you use rigid in a sentence?

Rigid sentence examplesHer frame was rigid, the table empty. … His body went rigid, and confusion crossed his features.More items…

What does ridged mean?

Ridged things have a raised line or band, like a ridged hillside or a ridged crease in an old person’s forehead. A ridge is a raised row that can be seen or felt, and when something’s described as ridged, at least part of it is shaped like a ridge.

What is the opposite rigid?

rigid(adjective) Antonyms: moving, flexible, compromising.

Which state of matter is rigid and why?

Answer: The three states of matter are : solid, liquid and gas. Out of these, the solid state is the most rigid since the particles present are very closely packed and interparticle forces are quite strong.

What is the meaning of rigid support?

adj. 1 not bending; physically inflexible or stiff.

What is rigid and fluid?

ʀɪɢɪᴅ :- Rigid means ‘unbending’ or inflexible. A solid is rigid form of matter so that it maintains its shape when subjected to outside force . ғʟᴜɪᴅ :- Fluids are the substances which have tendency to flow. A liquid is a fluid form of matter which occupies the space of the container.

What are rigid rules?

firmly fixed or set. inflexible, strict, or severe: a rigid disciplinarian; rigid rules of social behavior. exacting; thorough; rigorous: a rigid examination. so as to meet precise standards; stringent: lenses ground to rigid specifications.

What is rigid and tough?

is that rigid is stiff, rather than flexible while tough is strong and resilient; sturdy.

What does rigid mean in science?

Rigidity means no bending — in that case, of the rules. Objects and substances can have rigidity as well, if they literally won’t bend. Rigidity means about the same thing as inflexibility, another word that describes rock-solid, unyielding people and substances.

What things are rigid?

Describe something as rigid if it’s really stiff and not very flexible, like a super-strict practice schedule or an unbending, uncomfortable mattress.

Who is a rigid person?

A person with a rigid personality is, as the word describes, inflexible. They find it very hard to understand and sometimes even acknowledge the perspectives, feelings, and ideas of other people. It can be extremely hard to reason with rigid people and can make life very hard.

What is an example of a ridge?

The definition of a ridge is a long, narrow crest of something. An example of a ridge is the strip of mountains in the Southeast area of Mt. Everest from Nepal. … A long, narrow, elevated section of the earth’s surface, such as a chain of hills or mountains or the divide between adjacent valleys.

What is another word for Ridge?

In this page you can discover 84 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ridge, like: backbone, rib, ridged, bank, elevation, terminal moraine, medial moraine, esker, kame, arête and corrugated.

What is the meaning of tectonics?

1 : geological structural features as a whole. 2a : a branch of geology concerned with the structure of the crust of a planet (such as the earth) or moon and especially with the formation of folds and faults in it. b : tectonism.

What is cognitive rigidity?

Cognitive rigidity, or the inability to mentally adapt to new demands or information, has long been recognized as a fundamental component of personality and psychosocial functioning.