What Is The Idiom For No Choice?

What does no option but mean?

If you have no choice but to do something or have little choice but to do it, you cannot avoid doing it.

They had little choice but to agree to what he suggested..

What are some uncommon idioms?

18 Unusual Idioms from Around the WorldStop ironing my head! Next time someone is annoying you, just tell them to stop ironing your head! … Are you still riding the goat? … Walk around in hot porridge. … Emit smoke from seven orifices. … Have other cats to whip. … God bless you and may your mustache grow like brushwood. … Have the cockroach. … Live like a maggot in bacon.More items…

What are the 10 idioms?

Here are 10 of the most common idioms that are easy to use in daily conversation:“Hit the hay.” “Sorry, guys, I have to hit the hay now!” … “Up in the air” … “Stabbed in the back” … “Takes two to tango” … “Kill two birds with one stone.” … “Piece of cake” … “Costs an arm and a leg” … “Break a leg”More items…•

What is a word for no choice?

What is another word for no choice?Hobson’s choicelack of choiceno alternativeonly choicewithout choicezero option

What do you call a choice between two bad things?

Modern use. The term “Hobson’s choice” is often used to mean an illusion of choice, but it is not a choice between two equivalent options, which is a Morton’s fork, nor is it a choice between two undesirable options, which is a dilemma. Hobson’s choice is one between something or nothing.

What are some famous idioms?

The most common English idiomsIdiomMeaningA blessing in disguisea good thing that seemed bad at firstA dime a dozenSomething commonBeat around the bushAvoid saying what you mean, usually because it is uncomfortableBetter late than neverBetter to arrive late than not to come at all33 more rows

What is another word for making a choice?

Some common synonyms of choice are alternative, election, option, preference, and selection. While all these words mean “the act or opportunity of choosing or the thing chosen,” choice suggests the opportunity or privilege of choosing freely.

What does no other choice mean?

no other choice: without any other option. I have no choice but to fire you: The only option I have is to sack, fire you.

What is Sophie’s choice mean?

Sophie’s choice (plural Sophie’s choices) A choice where every alternative has significant negative consequences.

What is the opposite of choice?

choice(n) Antonyms: compulsion, necessity, rejection, refusal, unimportance, indifference, refuse. Synonyms: option, adoption, selection, election, preference, alternative.

What does make a choice mean?

1 : the act of choosing : selection finding it hard to make a choice. 2 : power of choosing : option you have no choice. 3a : the best part : cream Of the cavalry the king’s own was the choice. b : a person or thing chosen she was their first choice.

Is Optionless a word?

adjective. Having no options or choices.

What is it called when you give two choices?

What is it called when someone makes you choose between two things? … When it comes to elections and you have to vote for one of two bad candidates / parties, it’s called a “Fools Choice.” If your spouse tells you to either pick up your socks or suffer some awful fate, it’s called an ultimatum.

What is it called when someone makes decisions for you?

This person is called an agent. An agent has legal authority to make the decisions for you during the time that you cannot. Who should I pick as an agent? This is completely your decision.

What do you call someone who makes good decisions?

adjective. a wise person is able to make good choices and decisions because they have a lot of experience.

What is a synonym for no choice?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR HAVE NO CHOICEbe forced.bow to fate.cross the Rubicon.face the music.have no choice.know no alternative.leap into the breach.pay the piper.More items…

Do I have a choice?

No matter what our circumstances are, we always have a choice about how to think, feel, and react. And if we want to change something, we can simply make a different choice. We would all choose positive, productive ways to think, feel, and react that were in our own and others’ best interests. …

What does Bob’s your uncle mean?

“Bob’s your uncle” is a phrase commonly used in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries that means “and there it is” or “and there you have it”. Typically, someone says it to conclude a set of simple instructions or when a result is reached.