What Is Your Train Of Thought?

Why is it called train of thought?

A succession of connected ideas, a path of reasoning, as in You’ve interrupted my train of thought; now what was I saying.

This idiom, which uses train in the sense of “an orderly sequence,” was first recorded in 1651, in philosopher Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan..

What is another word for train of thought?

Alternate Synonyms for “train of thought”: thread; thinking; thought; thought process; cerebration; intellection; mentation.

Is train of thought a metaphor?

Think of the phrase “train of thought.” It’s a vivid metaphor that describes thought in motion. … And then some thoughts have huge emotion attached to them (like dreading a sit-down with the boss).

What does I lost my train of thought mean?

When someone loses her train of thought, you simply wait for a few seconds to see if she remembers what she was saying, or you can both move on to a different topic of conversation. …

What does the train of thought represent in inside out?

In “Inside Out” the Train of Thought – is depicted racing through the mind while linking memories, plans, and feelings. The train of thought represents one’s conscious experience of the world, and it is the foundation of analytical thought.

How do you develop a train of thought?

13 Tips for Creating a Clear Train of ThoughtOrient the reader at the start of a document, section, paragraph, and sentence. … In headings, assert your point, using the key terms or details you rely on in the text.In the first sentence after the heading, use its key terms.Repeat key terms in subheadings and topic sentences.More items…•

Why do I lose my train of thought when speaking?

Researchers have found just where you lost your train of thought. They’ve seen what’s happening in the brain at the moment we get startled and lose our train of thought, and they’ve turned up a link between that just-lost thought and one of the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

What is a line of thought?

Noun. line of thought (plural lines of thought) (figurative) A specific way of thinking about a particular topic, concept, or problem.

What does ratiocination mean?

the process of exact thinking1 : the process of exact thinking : reasoning. 2 : a reasoned train of thought.

What does train of thought mean?

: a series of thoughts or ideas that someone is having You interrupted my train of thought.

How do you use train of thought in a sentence?

1. The telephone rang and interrupted my train of thought. 2. The phone ringing interrupted my train of thought.

What is thought process?

thought process – the process of using your mind to consider something carefully; “thinking always made him frown”; “she paused for thought” cerebration, intellection, mentation, thinking, thought. higher cognitive process – cognitive processes that presuppose the availability of knowledge and put it to use.

What is it called when one thought leads to another?

Racing thoughts are thoughts that come quickly, one after the other. They may relate to one subject or many different ones. When a person has racing thoughts, their mind involuntarily digs up random thoughts and memories and moves rapidly from one to another.

How do you organize your thoughts when speaking?

Before you speak, take a breath, count to five, and gather your thoughts. Experts say a three to five second pause is enough to help you reframe, refocus, and dim the excitement that inspires you to over-talk.

Is it train of thought or trail of thought?

The train of thought or track of thought refers to the interconnection in the sequence of ideas expressed during a connected discourse or thought, as well as the sequence itself, especially in discussion how this sequence leads from one idea to another. … Not every thought to every thought succeeds indifferently.

What is a synonym for sparingly?

sparinglycheaply,economically,frugally,inexpensively,meagerly,poorly,skimpily,sparely,More items…

How can I train my brain to be happy?

6 Simple Ways to Train Your Brain for Happiness, According to Science. … Ask yourself if you’re thinking positive. … Memorize a list of happy words. … Use associations. … Practice gratitude. … Spend a few minutes each day writing about something that made you happy. … Celebrate your successes, even the small ones.

How do you structure your thoughts?

Use These 4 Steps To Structure Your ThoughtsHave a Purpose in mind: Before you begin to gather thoughts on an idea, you must know what objective your thinking would serve. … Know your Constraints: By “knowing” your constraints, you simply acknowledge their existence into your thoughts. … Get a holistic Point of View: What worked for others, may not work for you.