Who Is Narukami Canon Girlfriend?

Who does Yu Narukami end up with?

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There is no canon love interest, Yu friend-zones all the girls as seen in Arena.

In the animation he doesn’t romance any of the girls, there is one episode when he goes out with Ai (against his will).

If I remember correctly there was a bit more emphasis on Rise and Yukiko but not much..

Is Marie Canon Persona 4?

In other words: Every ending is canon. That is, every ending sprouts a timeline that may or may not lead to another game. … again the timeline Persona follows is not the TRUE timeline its just the Timeline ATLUS is using for their persona games.

Who is Yu’s Canon girlfriend?

Who do you think should be Yu’s canon GF? Personally, I say It’s Chie. I know some people say that the Lovers Arcana is the canon one, but think of it this way. In P3, Yukari is considered canon.

Who is the Canon love interest in Persona 5?

Makoto6 (Best) Makoto Makoto is considered a queen by her fans. Fans who like her, REALLY like her and even consider her to be the canon romance of the game. She also is relatively easy to romance and is incredibly plot relevant. After all, it is her sister who is interrogating Joker throughout the game.

Does Yu have a shadow?

As such, traditionally, Yu does not have a Shadow. Adachi (with Magatsu Izanagi) is a counterpart version of him, the malevolent entity of P4AU is only masquerading as Shadow Yu and the only actual Shadow Yu we get is the one in P4A.

Does Makoto have a joker crush?

*Spoilers* Just realized that Makoto has a crush on Joker very early – Persona 5.

Does Ryuji have a crush on Ann?

Ryuji also doesn’t have a crush on her, he thinks shes hot, thinking someone is hot =/= having a crush on them. Yusuke was lying, you can clearly see that when she suggets they do in Madarame’s room to do “stuff”, he’s clearly interested.

Who is Joker’s girlfriend persona5?

Ann TakamakiAnn Takamaki (高巻 杏, Takamaki An, Anne in the Japanese version), using the Phantom Thief codename “Panther”, is a one-quarter-American girl in Joker’s class who recently returned to Japan. She speaks English fluently, and is a model.

Who is the best girl in Persona 4?

Chie SatonakaChie Satonaka is our pick for best girl.

Does Futaba have autism?

While she is not explicitly autistic, social media websites like tumblr tend to interpret Futaba as having the condition. This is somewhat supported by the performance given by her English actress Erica Lindbeck, who has stated that she tried to portray Futaba as if she were on the spectrum.

Who is the best girl to date in Persona 5?

Persona 5: Best Girls to DateHaru Okumura. The wild, wonderful Haru. … Ichiko Ohya. The bold, booze-busting Ohya. … Sadayo Kawakami. The darling, dependable Kawakami. … Futaba Sakura. The awkward yet attractive Futaba. … Tae Takemi. The strange, sexy Takemi. … Ann Takamaki. The flirty, fun Ann. … Makoto Niijima. The winning waifu, Makoto. … Chihaya. Talking to Chihaya. 50%More items…•

Who is Joker’s dad?

Thomas WayneFirst appearanceDetective Comics #33 (November 1939)Created byBob Kane Bill Finger Jerry Robinson Gardner FoxIn-story informationFull nameThomas Gabriel Wayne6 more rows

Can Futaba fight?

The addition of the new All-Out Attack, will finally allow her to fight alongside the Phantom Thieves. Futaba’s ability to join in during All-Out Attacks is similar to a new addition that was made to Persona 4 Golden, which allowed Rise Kujikawa to aid her friends in battle, as she was also the Navigator in that game.

Does rise like Yu?

She does have a crush on him even if you reject her she still loves Yu but wont push the issue if you aren’t into going further. So yes, she has a crush on him that turns into love with respect towards Yu if he doesn’t return those feelings by your choosing.

Why did Makoto Yuki die?

He sacrifices himself to save humanity. He appears crucified on the Great Seal door. His Ultimate Persona is Messiah. And no matter what religion or mythology you look at, any messiah figure’s story contains a death and a subsequent rebirth.